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Frequently Asked Questions

World CP Day (WCPD) is auspiced by the World Cerebral Palsy Initiative (WCPI), a group of non-profit cerebral palsy organisations with a global vision to create real change for people living with CP. On an operational level, the project is coordinated by a manager appointed by the WCPI and supported by the WCPI Committee.

The committee will have a minimum of 9 members. Participants will be a diverse mix of individuals, rather than representatives of organisations (although they can be drawn from organisations).

The composition of the committee will reflect the diversity and global nature of the WCPD stakeholder community and audience, and the skill sets required to grow the initiative:

  • People with CP – adult or young adults
  • Families and caregivers
  • Disability services
  • Advocacy specialists
  • Researchers/institutions
  • Medical/therapy professional
  • Media/marketing professional

The role of the committee is to actively pursue the goals of WCPD:

  • drive the current strategic plan and then shape future plans and execution of the campaign
  • build networks of influence to promote the campaign and at least one key issue
  • support the development of tools and resources for information, education and local action
  • act a spokesperson for the campaign in their country/region, and globally on their key issue
  • identify and recruit volunteers to support the campaign, coordinate in-country efforts, and support/mentor others
  • support the measurement and evaluation of the outcomes and impact of the campaign.

Given its global nature and the time difference between member locations, the committee operates predominantly online.

Discussions and reporting will be via a web-based private collaboration platform, email communications, and occasional teleconference or Skype call. Members can contribute, respond and report at a time convenient to them, within a defined period for each task or activity. All committee communications will be in English.

Much of the activity of members will be conducted independently, undertaking specialist, regional or global actions that are aligned with their area of expertise.

It is expected that the committee will operate year-round, with an increased level of member commitment between April and November each year.

The WCPD Manager will convene the committee and the Chair will be appointed by the committee, annually. The committee will report to the WCPI via the Chair and Project Manager.

Expressions of interest are accepted as committee positions become vacant. Vacancies are advertised on the World CP Day website and in communications to our global community.

Committee members will be initially be invited to serve one year. After that, candidates will be invited to nominate for the committee as places become available.

The committee role is voluntary. Members will not receive payment for their service but will be reimbursed for communications expenses – e.g. phone calls, internet access – with an annual payment (maximum USD 150).

WCPD is founded on a set of principles that all committee members will be expected to uphold:

  • WCPD recognises the inherent value and dignity of each person with CP and their right to live a life where they are not just accepted and included by their community, but have the opportunity to realise their highest potential.
  • WCPD is not a fundraising event, but rather a day for celebration and a focus for year round action to improve the lives of people with CP and their families.
  • WCPI is the catalyst for the campaign but the long term aim is for people with CP, their families and supporters to take ownership and drive it through a global network of volunteers.
  • WCPD will promote those activities/interventions that are supported by high quality evidence in each of the six key domains of the campaign.
  • That the activities of WCPD are underpinned by measurable goals and transparent reporting.
  • We are positive in our outlook and constructive in our efforts to effect change.

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