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The Ability Homes

Matheu Wright, a young Canadian Architectural Technologist, is the Individual Winner of the World, CP Day 'Sponge House' competition, for The Ability Homes.

About the project

¬†Matheu Wright’s The Ability Homes is an imaginative and playful design that incorporated an individual condo home and a master plan in which these homes could exist. His concept considered not only the physical and environmental aspects of the home as a place of refuge and delight, but the importance of the social network for people with a disability.

Here’s how Matheu described his project:

The 3 primary design solutions present in The Ability Homes are:

  • the communal style living
  • the acrobatic style support system, and
  • the gel based materiality in the home.

Anyone living in these apartment-style condos will enjoy the benefits of a social network, accessible spaces, amenities, and services. The Ability Homes track system emulates the grace and fluidity of the acrobatic arts. Ariel silks are used by acrobats to carry the load of their own moving body while facilitating an easy transfer from one position to the next. The Abilities System uses these Ariel silks to provide a completely flexible and aesthetic system, able to cater to and amplify abilities. This system will delight anyone visiting or living in the home.

The Abilities Home is finished with semi-elastic gel material on the walls and cork on the floor. Bumping, falling, leaning, and kneeling, is no problem. Open concepts and wide turn spaces accommodate all mobility devices. Storage is low and easy to reach.

Be social, bring the community to you, entertain in delight, and move freely in the Abilities Home.

The Ability Homes video (YouTube)

The Ability Homes description [pdf]

The Ability Homes plans [pdf]