6 OCTOBER 2017
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The World CP Day Awards showcase the best examples of projects or campaigns that have created real progress to improve the lives of people with cerebral palsy – at a community, national or international level.

There are 6 categories in the awards, each focusing on a key issue that affects the lives and aspirations of people with cerebral palsy.

Enter your project or campaign in one of these categories:

  1. Public awareness
  2. Civil rights
  3. Medical/therapeutic
  4. Quality of life
  5. Education
  6. Contribution, including employment

Any individual or not-for-profit organization from any country of the world is eligible to enter.

Note: The awards are not for personal achievements in career, education, sport, etc, but rather for those people or organizations who have taken action to benefit others.

There is no entry fee and no purchase is necessary to enter the awards.

Please complete the online nomination form and attach any supporting documents, or links to websites or videos. You can draft your nomination in this Word document and then copy and paste into the online form if you choose.

Submissions will be accepted until Friday June 30 2017, 22.00 hours USA PST.

There is a total prize pool of $US 20,000:

  • Major Awards (up to 6): $US 2,000 in each of the 6 categories
  • Minor Awards (up to 8): $US 1,000 across the 6 categories

Major award winners will also receive a World CP Day Award plaque and be featured in a video and written case study on the World cP Day website.

The awards will be judged by a sub-committee of the World CP Day Committee, comprising people with CP, parents of a child with CP, not-for-profit organizations, and the World CP Day Manager.

Your project or campaign must demonstrate the following:

  • A clear definition of the issue you targeted and your long term goal/s
  • Action that either achieved the goal, or was a significant step towards the goal
  • Demonstrated measurable outcomes – qualitative and/or quantitative
  • Potential to be scaled and/or replicated elsewhere in the country or internationally.

Other attributes that will receive favourable consideration:

  • Involvement of people with cerebral palsy and/or their families and carers in the planning and implementation of the project
  • Partnerships with other individuals or organisations to achieve the outcomes
  • Successful sponsorship of the project, either funding or in-kind support
  • Use of the most appropriate channels to promote the project or campaign.
  • Demonstration of broader benefits to the community and resulting social impact.

World CP Day produce a video and publish a written case study on each of the major award winning projects. These will be released on World CP Day – October 6 2017.

If you are one of the major winners, then you will be contacted in July 2017, and asked to participate in the video project. The announcement of your winning entry must remain confidential until October 6; this is a condition of entry.

As an award recipient, you may be asked to do a media interview and also to support other World CP Day partners who are interested in undertaking a similar project or campaign in their country. This support may be in the form of sharing advice, resources or contacts that will help others achieve their goals.

There will be no compensation for this post-award activity – it is expected as a contribution to the global cause of cerebral palsy. The amount of time you are able to give will be up to you.

The awards will be publicly announced on the World CP Day website and social media channels on Friday October 6 2017.

The World CP Day Awards do not offer sponsorship for projects or campaigns that have yet to be undertaken.