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CP Registers

CP Registers are databases of clinical information about cerebral palsy (CP) that can be used for research and planning. Registers may collect information such as birth details, type and severity of cerebral palsy, other associated impairments and parent demographics.

The aims of registers may include:

  • Monitor trends of CP
  • Gain further understanding about the causes of CP
  • Develop and evaluate preventative strategies
  • Assist in planning services for people who have CP.

North America (USA and Canada)


United Kingdom


  • Australian Cerebral Palsy Register and New Zealand Cerebral Palsy Register
    • New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory Cerebral Palsy Register
    • Northern Territory Cerebral Palsy Register
    • Queensland Cerebral Palsy Register
    • The South Australian Cerebral Palsy Register
    • Tasmanian Cerebral Palsy Register
    • Victorian Cerebral Palsy Register
    • Western Australia Cerebral Palsy Register