Our Manifesto

The World CP Day is guided by a manifesto, informed and developed by our community. It is our clear statement of intent.

The manifesto

We are different. We move differently. We communicate differently. We see the world from a different perspective. Our day-to-day experience is so profoundly different that others do not just struggle to understand us, they struggle to understand what it is like to be us.

We have cerebral palsy, and our difference is something we all have in common. Something that makes us one. No matter where we live. No matter what our circumstance.

But we have other things in common, too. We have the same needs. To be loved. To connect. To be part of something. We share the same hopes and dreams. The same interests and passions. We all have a similar hunger to explore thoughts and debate ideas. To contribute. We all have the same commitment to living a life of purpose and meaning.

These are not just things we have in common with each other. We share them with all of humankind.

Because we are not different at all. We are the same.

We are the community of people with cerebral palsy. A global community devoted to helping each other thrive. A determined community committed to helping our brothers and sisters—all of humankind—see that we are all the same.

Together we will share our ideas, our experiences and our lives to remind each other of our collective strength.

Together we will help people embrace our humanity, our rights, and the important contribution we can make in the world.

Together we will break down physical and perceptual barriers, so each of us has the opportunity to reach our fullest potential.

We communicate differently, but we have a powerful story to tell. We move differently, but we have the power to create a global movement.

We are the community of people with cerebral palsy.

We Are Here.


Our friends at PrEHI in Argentina have kindly provided a Spanish version of the World CP Day Manifesto [PDF]

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