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Perhaps the single greatest loss in the lives of people with CP—and to the communities in which we live—is the fact that so many members of our community are simply unable to live to their full potential. To make their contribution.

Why contribution is an issue

An individual’s identity is closely linked to their contribution – the value that they can add to the world.

Everyone needs a story to tell about what they did with their day and the difference it made for them and those around them.

This issue is not restricted to contribution in the form of employment – although the ability to do so is an important issue in the lives of many of our community members.

Members of the CP community have talents and contributions to make in the areas of art, science, education, and politics. As poets or teachers. As public speakers or engineers. As painters or parents. The kind of contributions that don’t just have a lasting impact in the life of a person with CP, but that add profound value to our society.

We must make a commitment to ensure that all people with CP are able to make their contribution. Because it is a matter of personal justice. Because it is a matter of ensuring our community receives the important benefit of that contribution.

Stories of change

Meet some of the people who are making big contributions to their communities.

Robyn at work experience in a day care center

Winner of the World Cerebral Palsy Day 2017 Contribution Award, US based project ‘High Expectations’ is helping teens and young adults with physical disabilities open new doors with on-the-job training and experience.

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It takes a truly selfless and driven individual to set aside their own career dreams to start an organisation dedicated to helping people with severe disability fulfil their true potential.

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A young woman from Indiana USA has found a way to contribute to her community, and discovered a pathway for her own life and future along the way.

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Halldor's dream of becoming a parent came true, and both he and his child are contributing to a more compassionate and inclusive world. Our guest blogger, Halldor shares his touching story...

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Malini Chib

Championing the right for a contributing life, scholar, author, and Indian human rights activist, Malini Chib.

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