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Go Green 4 CP 2019

With your help, cerebral palsy will shine GREEN in 2019 with our worldwide GoGreen4CP campaign.

On October 6 2019, the world’s focus will be on the 17 million people with CP and the 350 million people who support them.

With little public recognition for their lives and achievements, and scant attention from policy makers and influencers, WE have to take action. This year the world is going GREEN to shine a light on the children and adults who have CP.

Poland, Canada and the UK have led the way but in 2019 one remarkable woman called Nicole Luongo has single-handedly signed up dozens of landmarks in the USA  and around the world to light green for World CP Day on Sunday October 6.

We are inspired by Nicole’s grit and success. Are you willing to be part of this global #GoGreen4CP campaign?

How to LIGHT your town green

  1. Make a list of your local landmarks and check their websites to see whether they will light green for no charge
  2. Approach them with a request to GoGreen4CP on World CP Day 2019. Here is a GoGreen4CP fact sheet to help with the request.
  3. When confirmed, submit the details to World CP Day so that we can add your landmark to the GoGreen4CP world map.
  4. Approach your local media and send them a request to promote GoGreen. Share your personal story and remember to acknowledge the generosity of the landmark owners or city authorities.
  5. Post the news on social media, and ask family, friends and colleagues to share their photos and stories in the lead up and on the day. Use the hashtag #GoGreen4CP, with the GoGreen logo and poster.

How to TURN your town green

Many World CP Day countries don’t have public landmarks and buildings which can be lit, but you can still turn your town green! Here are some ideas:

  1. Ask a local businesses to decorate their windows and public areas with green balloons, green posters, or ask their staff to wear green clothes on the day.
  2. Ask local schools to celebrate World CP Day, with a green-themed fundraising or education event. See our Tools for Schools page for more ideas.
  3. Print green t-shirts and get out onto the streets or parks for a rally or family event. Tell the world ‘We Are Here’.

#GoGreen4CP Champion

Nicole Luongo

Nicole Luongo from the USA wanted to bring cerebral palsy (CP) out of the shadows and give it the public recognition it deserves. Here’s how she’s making that happen.

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