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A new global online marketplace for disability services and products has recently launched in the USA.

A marketplace with a difference

While there are many activities, services and products for people with disabilities and their families, it is often times very hard and frustrating to figure out exactly what to try and what works best.

What many people and families are seeking is recommendations, advice and to hear stories from other people with similar disabilities or in similar situations.

Enter yooocan, an online community and a marketplace for people with disabilities and their families.

While in its infancy, the benefits of yooocan have already been experienced by many across the world, with the website starting to make waves as people share, connect and promote themselves or service via the site.

Founder and CEO Moshe Gaon said yooocan is the first and only ‘one place solution’ to share stories, connect with others and buy/find disability related products and services.

“When we talk to people with disability and their families we find their stories are similar – their biggest problem is isolation and loneliness, and feeling like no one understands them or what they need. We want to help them resolve that problem,” Gaon said.

“There are around the world many organizations and companies offering products and services but people don’t know they exist. yooocan is the first inspirational community marketplace, helping improve the lives of people with disabilities and their families by enabling easy discovery of activities, products, services and innovation,” he said.

The inspiration

Gaon first thought of the idea for yooocan after seeing his brother’s frustration as his son Erez was born with a rare disease and complex disability. As his son grew, he wanted to do the same things as his brothers and sisters, but it wasn’t that easy. Moshe and his brother Yoav decided to make it their mission to help Erez “do anything he wants”.

“I thought, why don’t we find a solution and opportunities? Why is it so difficult and frustrating finding the right activities and products yourself?” Gaon said.

“The problem with regular websites and directories is you’re not sure if it’s right or relevant for your child, as there’s no someone personal experience attached to the product.”

“I want someone using this product to tell me that it’s good, and that they’re able to do what they want to do. With yooocan, you can search very specific such as ‘surfing with a spinal cord injury’ and find something that will help you do just that” he said.

By completing and self-publishing their own profiles for free, people with disabilities can find others and connect widely.

“The best part is they’re not connecting through disability – they’re connecting through the activity that they love doing,” Gaon said.

They can find services and products near them or the most relevant to them from around the world, as the site has filters to automatically tailor listings to suit a user’s needs.

A market ready for disruption

For businesses and innovators selling their products, yooocan allows to board easily and showcase their products.

“yooocan allows people to get better service and products because we can advocate on behalf of the buyers. It’s a vertical marketplace and one that has been sleeping too long,” Gaon said.

yooocan is fast becoming a known brand, in a market that is ripe for disruption. Gaon, who believe that yooocan should be a sustainable business and not a non-profit in order to succeed, is currently seeking investors, showing them the benefits of getting involved in a business that is profitable and also committed to doing good for the community.

“Suddenly people realise that they deserve and can actually get the best products and technologies, technologies that have never been available before. There is no reason why yooocan can’t be one of the best marketplaces in the world,” Gaon said.

“We’re creating something that’s doing good, but also doing good business. Having business people investing in this area is very important,” he said.

People with disability are encouraged to share their story, comment, participate, explore and enjoy! Innovators and service providers can join yooocan, place their products and let people know of the great work they’re doing.

“With endless stories, activities, services and products, every person living with a disability can find something to better their situation and showcase their ability, rather than their disability. I think yooocan can really make a difference,” Gaon said.

“There’s nothing you can’t do. Nothing. If you want to dive, we will show someone diving. If you want to play an instrument, we will help you to do it by connecting you to other musicians and even the adaptive instruments.”

“We’re going to prove to everyone that we’re doing something amazing here,” he said.