Move As One

Let’s all Move As One on World Cerebral Palsy Day – Tuesday, October 6!

World CP Day has partnered with the Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association (CPISRA) to promote the benefits of sport and physical activity on the quality of life for people with cerebral palsy.

On Tuesday, October 6, we want you to get outside at 1:00 pm and Move As One – 30 minutes of physical activity with family and friends. We want to create a wave around the world, from New Zealand to Alaska!

Who can take part?

Anyone and everyone with cerebral palsy and related conditions along with their friends, families and communities.

Show the world what you can do

Share your photos and videos on the Move As One event page on Facebook with the hashtags #CPMoveAsOne and #WorldCPDay.

CPISRA members will be organising events, and you can too.

Activities – think FUN!

Use your imagination or do something you enjoy, anything that gets you moving for up to 30 minutes. Please consider safety in all activities and get the appropriate support when required.

  • Go for a group walk, challenge yourself to walk a certain distance – for example 50 m, 1 km, 2 km or 5 km
  • Gather for a stroll or roll with your friends and families
  • Run, cycle, RaceRun or wheel a certain distance or for a period of time
  • Try something new like rock climbing or horse riding
  • Go swimming, in your local pool or outdoors (always consider safety)
  • Play a game of boccia with your friends and family
  • Have a game of cricket, either table cricket, wheelchair cricket or ambulant cricket
  • Try soccer, t-ball or baseball in the park
  • Get outside and do some gardening
  • Have a game of football, either ambulant football, frame football or powerchair football
  • Play tennis
  • Go hill walking and conquer a local hill (always consider safety)

Find out more

Find out how on the CPISRA website. There is an information pack and a poster to share.

Stories of Change

Whether local or global, change often starts with one or two people and a big idea:



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