Write a guest post for the World CP Day blog, create a video, illustration or photo to share through social media. World CP Day is Wednesday October 5 2016 but we’ll be posting content from now on.


  • Blogs: approx 600 words, videos 1-3 minutes, illustrations/photos sized for social media 470 pixels wide.
  • The topic can be whatever is important to you, but must be related to cerebral palsy. It could be a challenge you’re facing or a solution you’ve found that might help others. You might find some inspiration on Our Campaign page.
  • The theme of World CP Day is ‘I Am Here’ and ‘We Are Here’ – and green is our signature colour, if you want to weave that in.
  • Humour is great, or other writer’s techniques like “10 things not to say…” “What I wish I knew…”
  • Sorry, but we can’t promote any businesses or fundraising, because World CP Day is a movement for celebration, awareness and social action.
  • Make sure you mention World CP Day on October 5, the website worldcpday.org and tag #WorldCPDay

All contributions are voluntary (you won’t be financially compensated) and will be reviewed and possibly edited. If yours is not selected for publication, you will be notified and are free to publish on your own social media.


Please email your content to the World CP Day team (please include a pic of yourself).

If you have any questions, Contact Us any time.

We are looking for contributions from every country, so please spread the word!

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