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World Cerebral Palsy Day 2020


About Make Your Mark

All around the world, people and communities have had to adapt to big changes caused by COVID-19.

People with cerebral palsy have mastered dealing with change, breaking down barriers, and coming up with creative solutions their whole lives.

Make Your Mark this World Cerebral Palsy Day. Show everyone how you adapt and innovate every day.

This year on October 6, we invite you to share:

  • Your achievements
  • Solutions you’ve discovered
  • Changes you’re advocating for

Whether you’re changing the medical school admissions process like Jerusha Mather, making people with CP visible in modelling and acting like Emily Prior, or making play accessible for kids with CP like Gympanzees, there are loads of ways you can Make Your Mark on October 6.

Jump on social media and share what you’ve accomplished by doing things your way in the world, and tag us @WorldCPDay.

#WorldCPDay #CPMakeYourMark

This is your chance to Make Your Mark by showing the world why people with cerebral palsy are experts at adapting.

How to Make Your Mark

Whether you’re a person with CP or a friend, family member or colleague of someone living with CP, Make Your Mark is something everyone can get involved in!

Think of some of the ways you (or someone you know) have created something, set and reached a goal, or come up with a new way to participate in an activity that felt inaccessible at first. When you share this story, you’ll Make Your Mark.

On October 6, we want you to hop on social media and share a post, video, or story showing:

  • What you accomplished
  • How you made it happen
  • How it affected you, and how your achievement or solution can impact or influence others with cerebral palsy

Make Your Mark Ideas

  • Finding creative solutions to help you get dressed or groom independently
  • Finding a new way to use cooking utensils or appliances
  • Lobbying the government for policy change
  • Being creative and sharing stories through art, music or performances
  • Petitioning for wheelchair access at a school, workplace, or public area
  • Finding ways to complete your studies or reach your personal goals
  • Creating a sports team or social network for people with disabilities
  • Finding innovative ways to get out and about in the community

Other Ways to Make Your Mark

Go Green 4 CP

Over the last few years, World CP Day has been celebrated by Going Green 4 CP.

You can Make Your Mark in 2020 on Tuesday, 6 October through #GoGreen4CP by:

  • Holding a green event
  • Wearing green
  • Decorating your homes, businesses, schools and local communities in green
  • Lighting up landmarks in green

Whatever you do, take a photo or a video, share it online and tag us @WorldCPDay, and use the hashtags #WorldCPDay #GoGreen4CP #CPMakeYourMark.

Click here to download the Go Green 4 CP logo and resources.

Other Ways to Make Your Mark

CP Move As One

If you love playing or organising sports, then CPISRA CP Move As One could be exactly what you need to Make Your Mark this year!

On Tuesday, 6 October at 1pm (in your time zone) get active for 30 minutes of physical activity.

You could:

  • Go for a group walk, stroll or roll with your friends and families
  • Run, cycle, RaceRun or wheel a certain distance or for a period of time
  • Try something new like rock climbing or horse riding
  • Go swimming, in your local pool or outdoors (always consider safety)
  • Play a game of boccia with your friends and family
  • Have a game of cricket, either table cricket, wheelchair cricket or ambulant cricket
  • Try soccer, t-ball or baseball in the park
  • Get outside and do some gardening
  • Have a game of football, either ambulant football, frame football or powerchair football
  • Play tennis
  • Go hill walking and conquer a local hill (always consider safety)

Whatever you choose to do, take photos and share them online! Tag us @CPISRA.org and @WorldCPDay and use the hashtags #WorldCPDay #CPMoveAsOne #CPMakeYourMark.

Click here to download the CPMoveAsOne logo and resources



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