6 OCTOBER 2017
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The I Am Here campaign has many different tools that can be downloaded to use for your World CP Day activity or event.

We have three important requests:

  1. Please make sure your customisation does not change the I Am Here / We Are Here theme, the design or the intention of each tool. It is extremely important that our campaign looks the same, so each local action we take can add up to have a global impact.
  2. Please take a photograph of yourself and post it with your I Am Here story, so we can share it with the rest of the World CP Day community.
  3. Offer your suggestion for how to improve each tool, and tell us your ideas for new tools that could help our campaign.

Logos 2017

Placards: I Am Here | We Are Here

Placards – customize with your message
Add your own message to these placards. Use them in a parade, or put them around public spaces. Example: I Am Here … Fighting for my right to an education  |   We Are Here… Because our child is brilliant and capable. Take a photo holding of yourself with the placard and post it on the World CP Day Map.

Coming soon

Social Media

  • Facebook cover pic – I Am Here to Support World CP Day (jpg)
  • Facebook cover pic – We Are Here to Support World CP Day (jpg)
  • Digital badge – I Am Here to Support World CP Day (jpg)
  • Digital badge – We Are Here to Support World CP Day (jpg)

Email Tiles

  • I Am Here (jpg)
  • We Are Here (jpg)

Favourite Words Poster

  • CP: My Favourite Words (PDF)