The aim of the talk was to create awareness on cerebral palsy for social workers and teachers (Bal Wadi) who work at grass root level serving a low economic population of Mumbai. The effort was made to collect them together under one platform. Over 150 participated in this event.

The participants were very enthusiastic to learn and were there early to start the program at 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. These participants are employed by the Local Government Body who work in their appointed area where they gather all children and take care of their early education, provide meal, educate parents on vaccines and other health issues.

Introduction of What is Cerebral Palsy?, statistics and types of CP and information on cerebral palsy was covered by Jasmeet Arora from Hi 5 CDC.

Prevention covered aspects of pre pregnancy care , during pregnancy care and complications at time of birth and post delivery. Dr Pooja Shukla, MD OB & Gynac also specializing in high risk pregnancy, answered all the queries of the participants.

Early Detection was addressed by Dr Kintu Chandiramani who shared her experience in early identification of children with developmental disordered, health issues seen with children with cerebral palsy were also highlighted. She also stressed nutrition and diet along with importance of vaccines. Various myths were discussed and questions were answered.

Early Intervention was covered by Dr Harish Badiger, Senior Physical Therapist who highlighted the need for early intervention, as well as covered various therapies currently available. He answered questions of various developmental issue which were put forward by the participants.

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