At World CP Day, we want to celebrate potential – and so does the Swedish artist Viktor Johansson. His new song “Celebrate Potential” is out now.

Viktor explains the inspiration behind the song…

When I became a father to a boy  who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, I understood that life would be full of challenges. We often meet obstacles for which we try to find solutions. I think that my son can do everything, but it needs to be in his own way and from his own starting point.

Together we want to rebut the prejudices that society can have towards people with different disabilities.

The tune is now available on Spotify, so if you have the app, just search for Celebrate Potential or find it on the Spotify website.

Viktor works as a music teacher at the songwriter Andreas Carlssons Academy of Music and Business. He wrote the song with “Dejo” Andersson, a platinum award-winning songwriter and producer.

All proceeds will be donated to the Swedish brain fund and research on cerebral palsy.

This project was a collaboration with Svenska CP-föreningen

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